Semi-smoked sausage of the first grade Salami Kharkiv TU U 10.1-40996213-002:2020

Composition: meat 85% (semi-fat pork, flank bacon, chicken fillet), protein stabilizer of animal origin, drinking water, starch, salt, ground spices (black pepper, allspice, garlic), stabilizer – pyrophosphate E450, acidity regulator – triphosphate E451, color fixative – sodium nitrite E250. Shelf life and storage conditions: at a temperature of 0°С…6°С and a relative humidity of 75%…78% – no more than 15 d (days) in a suspended state, no more than 25 d (days) (under by vacuum or in a gas environment by whole loaves) provided that the packaging is intact. Nutritional (food) and energy value (caloric value) of 100 g (g) of the product: proteins at least – 13.0 g (g); carbohydrates less than 1.0 g (g); sugar less than 1.0 g (g); (452 kcal (kcal)). The shell is not edible.


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